Clips from "The Unusuals"

Article Index

Episode 1 -- Pilot


Walsh Tricks Alvarez



Kowalski's Wife and Mistress



Navin Granger



Kowalski the Big Brother


A Toast




Episode 2 -- Boorland Day


The Takedown



Teaching Alvarez a Lesson



James Boorland



Busting the Boorlands



Walsh Meets Davis



You Write Poetry



Talking with Nick


Saving James







The Numbers Game (Montage)






Episode 3 -- One Man Band


Economy of Favors



Finding the Trophy



Stop Playing Politics



Traffic Camera


Casey Returns the Trophy




Episode 4 -- Crime Slut



The Watch



Pawn Shop






The Dress






Have You Ever Been Married?



Bad News for Marvin



Walsh and Schraeger on a Stakeout






Episode 5 -- 42


Lutz Goes for the Kill



The Sketch Artist



Not Your Secretary






Walsh Figures Out Cole's Secret


Walsh Talks with Cole


Walsh Visits Beaumont




Episode 6 -- The Circle Line





In the Liquor Store



On the Boat


Walsh Confronts Alvarez


Powell the Hero




Periodic Table



Confronting a Killer




Powell is Vindicated/Walsh Talks to Alvarez



Episode 7 -- The Tape Delay

The Backpack + Game Tickets



Security Detail






"I Yelled At Her"



"I Knew"



Talking to the Victim



"I Don't Think About You"



The Backpack (Redux)



Walsh Calms Casey Down









"You Just Picked the Wrong Cop to Bribe, My Friend"



"I Say Stupid Things Sometimes"


Episode 8 -- The Dentist

Walsh Helps Marvin


"So What Do You Love Doing?"


Getting Eddie Out of a Jam


Marvin 2


Finding the Money


Episode 9 -- The Apology Line

"Then There's That"


Desk Prank


Casey is Preoccupied


Talking to the Wife


Talking to a Suspect


Things You Feel Guilty About


Alvarez Pranks Walsh


"Hot Stuff"


Dating Advice from Walsh + "That's a Lot of Paperwork"


Talking to the Killer


"A Good Prank is a Beautiful Thing"


Episode 10 -- E.I.D.

"You're a She-Male"


The Frisky Beaver


Serial Accuser


Talking to the Housekeeper


"The Inner Light"




Proud Partner